Does the new Chase EWC+ connection support 2 different Chase account logins?

Does the new Chase EWC+ connection support 2 different account logins?


  • NotACPA
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    2 people logging into Chase to get each their own account data?  Or what?
    Please clarify your question.
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  • Two separate logins for joint accounts and another account.
  • Ps56k2
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    I think that EWC+ sets up the token between the QDF "file" and the destination....  it appeared that way with Schwab -
    So, it will be "authorized" for all Chase Quicken Accounts defined within a single Quicken QDF file...
    However - NOT across Quicken QDF files - like one for you and one for Mom - ... unless that was changed after Schwab.

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  • SomebodyInGNV
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    I'm successfully using EWC+ with three different logins with Chase. (Two individual personal web accounts and one business.)
  • RWT21
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    I am using ewc+ for 12 accounts across 3 separate logins.
  • Chris_QPW
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    Here is what I'm seeing in my testing.
    1. Multiple logins, multiple banking/credit card accounts in one data file, work fine. (No loan accounts to test).
    2. Even though investment accounts show up on the Chase side to be selected, they are never added.  They remain connected through Direct Connect not Express Web Connect +.
    3. With multiple data files it gets a bit strange (with possible explanation).  My checking and savings show up in both mine and my wife's accounts and in both data files.  The credit cards don't.  I believe this is because the checking and savings accounts are joint accounts whereas the credit cards are in my name with my wife set as a person that can use them.  I just rechecked this, and I see that at no time do the credit cards show up in my wife's login, so I'm 99.9% sure that the reason they don't show up is because of what is stated in this announcement.
    So, the above is possible, I have seen people report that they are having problems with multiple logins in one account, but that kind of thing can only be fixed by Quicken Inc/Intuit/Chase.  I recommend if you are having that problem you contact Quicken support and also use Help -> Report a problem, so the developers know people are having the problem.
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  • Ps56k2
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    running R43.26 - just did the Chase migration....
    2 logins.... appear to be working fine
    A - 2 JT checking accts + MC
    B - 2 JT (different) checking accts + Visa

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