When is the Bank of Montreal EWC Issue Going to be Fixed?

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We are still not able to set up Bank of Montreal accounts on Express Web Connect, because Quicken points the connection to the wrong server in Bank of Montreal. This is happening for Bank of Montreal accounts on both sides of the Canada/USA border. Quicken is trying to link accounts to an institution called Bank of Montreal Mastercard, which doesn't exist. I know. I am a Bank of Montreal employee. We are also not able to update the sign in information for Bank of Montreal by clicking on the link in One Step Update settings. Is anybody working on this? It has been months. Quicken needs to work with Bank of Montreal to update the application interface protocols to connect Quicken to the correct server in Bank of Montreal. Various threads on this issue have not been updated or state "known issue" on this forum. [Removed - Speculation/Inaccurate] Please provide a response.


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    It is still not clear to me where the issues lies - BMO (Bank of Montreal) or Quicken. My wife has a RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) account and her downloads are working fine. That seems to suggest that the issue is with BMO's interface software but no one has come out and clarified which website is actually causing the problem. I think it is about time that someone at Quicken informs us where the issue lies. If it's with BMO, let me know and and I will chase them for a resolution!! It is taking wa-y-y to long to resolve.
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    The biggest problem with Express Web Connect is that is impossible for the user to know where the problem is.  And it isn't even easy for the parties involved to know without digging into the problem.

    Express Web Connect is:

    Quicken syncing to the Quicken Cloud dataset, which in turn syncs with the Intuit servers, which in turn log in as you on the financial institution's website using an "agreed upon method" (which can be different between different financial institutions.

    So, the process has to be that the users contact the Quicken support, which in turn should escalate the problem to the "scripts group" that in turn works with Intuit and the financial institution to pin down the problem and get it fixed.

    And at no time does Quicken Inc ever tell the users who's problem it is or when it will be addressed.

    If there is an open notification on this forum you know that Quicken support has escalated the problem, but they have no more information than that.  You will see they always state they have no ETA of when it will be fixed or where the problem lies.

    In general if it is past the notification stage I would say the best a user can do is use Help -> Report a problem in Quicken (which has no feedback, but is sent to the developers), and contact the financial institution's support to complain.  Note it isn't unusual that the first line support won't know a thing about Quicken.
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