How does one that uses Quicken get improvement suggestions to the developers

Gary Jay
Gary Jay Member ✭✭
I have been using Quicken since the beginning of time :-) I wasn't thrilled to move to a subscription based system but Quicken certainly has been improving the product so I feel there is value with the subscription.

There is one thing that has ALWAYS been a somewhat difficult thing to do in Quicken that I would think wouldn't be that hard to implement. With the years, I have a ton of closed or no longer used accounts that are hidden on the account list.. When I reveal the hidden accounts, they are not in order and are scattered around (eg Chase... Chase.. Amex... Citibank... Chase... Amex... etc. When I am in the Account List and reveal hidden accounts, trying to move the hidden accounts around to get them in some kind of order, you have to use up and down arrows and click on them to move accounts. The problem is as you move the account, you must continually move the mouse to click on the arrow.

What I would like to see is the ability to drag and drop the hidden accounts to move them (like they have implemented for the active accounts.) Now, when you have the hidden accounts displayed and select rearrange, up pops a list of ONLY the active accounts. It would be nice to be able to just select one of the hidden accounts and drag it with the mouse. Who should I send suggestions like this to at Quicken?


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