Chase account re-authorization: existing accounts don't show in list of accounts for linking

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Today I received my notice to update and reauthorize my Chase accounts. I see several reports of similar problems, but I'll go ahead and add mine to the list. My existing credit card accounts were detected, but I was unable to link the detected accounts to the existing accounts in Quicken because the correct Quicken accounts did not show up in the drop down of available accounts for linking. Several accounts did appear in the dropdown up as link-able Quicken accounts, but none of them were the correct accounts. I have a backup of my file, so I'm holding off on this re-authorization process until we get it together. Please advise.


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    Same thing happened to me also tonight.  Followed the steps / prompts and the option to link to existing account showed for 1 of 2 Chase credit cards.  The link to drop down list did not show the correct account as an option.  So I "cancelled" and my activity updated anyway.

    From reading other comments in other threads, seems one option is that we were supposed to "deactivate" the existing link before we followed Quicken's prompts so that then the account in question was not set up for online and then would appear in the drop down list.  As you said I will wait and continue normal practice until it says I have to update and then hopefully between Chase & Quicken they have smoothed out the process.  Now let's wait for all the snide comments from our SuperUsers.
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    I had to reauthorize my Chase accounts as well. I have three credit cards from Chase. I don't think it was an option to ignore the reauthorization as when I was downloading the reauthorization popup seemed to indicate that I couldn't download my transactions without reauthorizing. I now have three duplicate Chase accounts. The new account balances do not match the old account balances.  Quicken support on Sept 1 states that you should move all of your transactions to the new accounts and then delete the old accounts. They also said that we can wait for the problem to be resolved. I'm not planning to take the time to move all transactions as it seems too labor intensive. Hoping for a fix soon.  I didn't see any instructions to deactivate the existing links before reauthorizing.    
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    The issue is years old, when will you fix it?
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    I have the same issue with duplicate accounts being created. When I attempt to move the transactions from the old account, I ma asked to OK the move of each reconciled transaction. Two years of reconciled transactions is way too time consuming and frustrating. It's hard to believe that after all the notices we had that a change was coming to Chase accounts that the process is this screwed up. Poor quality control.
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    Toddrg said:
    When I attempt to move the transactions from the old account, I ma asked to OK the move of each reconciled transaction.
    That is why this FAQ suggests using Copy instead of Move.
    FAQ: How Do I Move Transactions Between Quicken Accounts? — Quicken

    They should fixed Move long ago, but they have never touched it.

    You can vote on this suggestion:
    When moving multiple transactions Quicken shouldn't prompt on every reconciled transaction — Quicken
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