Chase transition is a nightmare

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Hard to find the same issue I'm having amid all the other Chase frustrations people are sharing. The transition of my Chase EWC checking account was bad enough, and things only got worse with my direct connect credit cards. 

Because my wife and I each have Chase cards in our own names, we have separate IDs for each. Also because DC was not supported for checking, we had a third ID for EWC checking. The only way I could transition the checking account was to:
* Deactivate it
* Remove Chase as the FI from account details
* Reactivate using the "Set up Online" button in the register.

Now the credit card transition is giving me similar headaches, but things are even worse. After reactivating my credit card account Quicken Cloud (which I thought I had abandoned because it was not useful) wound up pushing a bunch of transactions into my desktop data resulting in both loss and duplication of various transactions. 

The situation was a such a mess I had to restore a backup from before the checking transaction and start everything over. Even after that I didn't get all the missing data downloaded from Chase and had manually record some transactions.

After about three hours' work, I got a working data set again. This whole process seems to have been poorly implemented and tested. Hard to say if it was Chase or Quicken, but someone really dropped the ball on this.


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    Not that it matters much now but Chase support(ed) Direct Connect on all their accounts, you just needed to know how to select it instead of Express Web Connect during the setup and authorize it on the Chase website.  I'm currently using Direct Connect for all my accounts at Chase which include checking, savings, credit cards, and investment accounts  (note so far the investment accounts aren't included in the change over, but Quicken Inc said they will eventually be changed to Express Web Connect + too).

    Also if you look through responses that have been given Deactivating might not have been mentioned by Quicken Inc, but was in the responses because Quicken will not allow you to connect an online account to a Quicken account that is already connected to an online account.  What's more you will see that the suggestions also mention that people should use Tools -> Add Account (or the + button on the Account Bar) instead of "Set up Online".  One of the main reasons for this is Add Account ignores the financial institution names/accounts and such in the Account Details, whereas "Setup up Online" tries to use them.  When there is a major changing in the information like is happening for this case that old information can cause problems.
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    See this latest post by Quicken Kathryn on the Chase situation:

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