ACCT_134e2 seen in the wild!

Rocket J Squirrel
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Sometimes we see temporary account names such as ACCT_134e2 in validation logs, like this, from a validation I performed yesterday:
Validating your data.
Quicken repaired damaged transaction index.  No action required.
Quicken found an invalid transaction and removed it. "ACCT_134e2"  0/ 0/1900
Quicken repaired some transaction information.  No action required.
 "ACCT_134e2"  0/ 0/1900

Quicken repaired 1 accounts.  No action required.
Today, for the first time ever, I saw one live in QWin R43.14. When opening a saved report, Quicken prompted me to add the new "Bank category." Who can explain this?

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    The line between temporary and permanent is probably just one entry in the database.  Given that people see temporary accounts cleaned up at all in Validate and Repair implies that something stopped Quicken from completing all the updates it wanted to the database.  So, it isn’t that far fetched that the entry that hides the temporary account never happened.  I haven’t seen this in many years, but I think I have seen what you are seeing.  I just deleted the account.  That is provide you can account see the account in the account section of Quicken.  If not you might try the trick that is used to access the tax account and create a transfer to it, and use option to go to the other account from that transaction.
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