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I did as instructed to unlink/relink my Chase account for auto-downloads. It had been working fine for several weeks. However, as of yesterday, chase transactions are downloading BUT the balance due is not updating.


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    I just did the update this morning. My balance is also off.
  • Hello @NancyT and @grayworms53,

    Thank you for contacting the Quicken Community, though I do apologize that you are experiencing this issue with your Chase account balances. 

    Do you know if this incorrect balance could potentially be due to pending transactions within your Chase accounts? 

    We do currently have an Active Alert regarding Chase online balances including pending transactions. You may follow this link to access that alert where you may bookmark the alert in order to remain up to date on any new information, ETAs, or resolutions that may occur. 

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Jasmine
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    I successfully migrated three Chase CC accounts from Direct Connect to Quicken Connect (Quicken Premier for Mac). Downloads of transactions appear to function correctly. However, when reconciling the online balance shown isn't correct and varies from the both my Quicken balance AND the online balance that appears on the Chase website. The only way to reconcile my accounts is to do so manually, setting the new balance to the amount shown on the Chase website. This appears UNRELATED to any issue connected with pending transactions, because the downloaded balance has so far been less than the balance amount appearing on the website or in my Quicken account, which are the same.
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    In my case, the online balance shown in the quicken reconciliation window is equal to the actual balance owed per the chase website (all posted transactions) LESS the pending transactions shown on the chase website.
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    The problem is that Quicken is using a balance that is including Pending Transactions. When you do a reconcile, notice that the difference error equals the sum of all pending transactions. I don't know if this is a Quicken problem or a Chase problem. I suspect Quicken.
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    For a number of days the online balance reported in my reconciliation window for a Chase Credit Card account has been incorrect. I see the Balance on-line and I have the same in my Quicken account but the downloaded balance does not match meaning I cannot reconcile the account. To the best of my knowledge I have updated my account with Chase. I should add that the transactions are all coming into Quicken fine.
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    Stick said:
    The problem is that Quicken is using a balance that is including Pending Transactions. When you do a reconcile, notice that the difference error equals the sum of all pending transactions. I don't know if this is a Quicken problem or a Chase problem. I suspect Quicken.
    Why do you think it's a Quicken problem? Quicken downloads a balance and list of transactions from Chase. The transactions are correct. Your balance in your Quicken register matches the balance if you log into Chase and view your account. But Chase is downloading an online balance to Quicken which includes pending transactions which have not yet posted in the account and therefore not yet downloaded to Quicken. That's a Chase problem. How could Quicken to fix it? The program gets an online balance from Chase, and it would need to add or deduct from that balance the sum of the pending transactions — but those transactions and amounts have not been sent to Quicken. Only Chase knows about the pending transactions, so it would seem only Chase can fix this by sending Quicken the posted balance rather than the pending balance.

    For the time being, for doing a reconciliation, switch to reconciling to a statement balance rather than the online balance, and enter the balance you get when you log into the Chase website or on your actual Chase statement. This balance will match the transactions Quicken has downloaded, so your reconciliations will work correctly.
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    @jacobs I believe you are correct: the solution you mentioned is the right approach for now, until the problem is resolved. Without additional technical data and understanding of the systems involved, I suspect it's impossible to know whether this is a Quicken issue or a Chase issue or a shared issue. For now, reconciliation can be accomplished simply by reconciling the account to the balance due amount shown on the Chase website, rather than the amount shown in the reconciliation window. It's an extra step, but not excessively time-consuming.

    Also, I should amend my earlier comment that the problem appears unrelated to the pending transactions. Today, in my accounts, the difference between the balance due in the reconciliation window and the balance due on the website (and in my register in Quicken) were equal to the total of all pending transactions on the Chase website, so it does appear that the reconciliation window is showing a balance due that includes those pending transactions, while Quicken does not reflect the pending transactions as downloaded--which is how it worked under Direct Connect and probably should work under the new Quicken Connect system.
  • Bob@63
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    @Quicken Jasmine @dryfork @almatav For what it's worth, these last two posts sound like issues related to the transition from Direct Connect to Quicken Connect and a failure to correctly link the transitioned Chase accounts to the proper accounts in your Quicken file. Assuming you have a subscription with Quicken, telephone support can walk you through the steps to revert to an older backup and ensure your Chase accounts are linked to correct accounts in your Quicken file. If I'm right, these issues as described are only tangentially related to the issue with the wrong balance due appearing in the reconciliation window after a download.
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    @Quicken Jasmine For what it's worth, my Quicken Chase accounts have been downloading only cleared transactions (without any pending transactions), so I'm able to reconcile my accounts to the Online Balance as shown in the Reconcile window. Should I be cautiously optimistic that this ongoing issue has been resolved?
  • Bob@63
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    @Quicken Jasmine I should add that the encouraging development I reported at 5:25 today has been ongoing since the morning of Friday, Sept. 9, 2022.
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    any update here???
  • Looking for an update. I NEVER use the online balance feature to recon my CC. So, while it might be correct that the unreconciled amount equals after statement purchases, using the manual entry for the statement balance did not work. At this time there is no way to complete the reconciliation.
    Also, after the Chase update, the download included transactions from the prior period that were already cleared. I deleted those, but the problem has persisted.

    This is why I don't use one step update but manage each account separately. It prevents unwanted data into the process.

    Any update?
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    @Execjean I'm not sure what update you're looking for? Chase accounts are working for many people, but some have lingering artifacts of the conversion. I don't think there's a single widespread problem, but different individuals have problems to clean up. When you say "the problem has persisted", are you saying that each time you download transactions, you're getting new duplicates of older transactions? For most users, the duplicate transactions have a been a one-time problem, and once — painfully — cleaned up, the issue is in the rear-view mirror. 

    In terms of getting to a working reconciliation, my approach would be to go back to the last reconciliation you have in Quicken which matches a monthly statement from Chase. The re-visit the next one to see, transaction by transaction, if you have anything in Quicken which doesn't match the Chase statement. Once your reconciliations are up-to-date, I believe you should be okay going forward.

    If there's something more to it that I'm not aware of, feel free to post back. And/or to contact Quicken Support, if you think it would be helpful to have them screen share with you to see the issues you're having.
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