Phantom downloaded transaction(s)

I have an account at an online bank for which I previously used transaction download, but I no longer use that bank and the funds have all been moved elsewhere. In Quicken, the account still displays a flag as if there are downloaded transactions waiting to be accepted. When I view the account, nothing displays in the Downloaded Transactions and the "Accept" buttons are disabled. I tried editing the account to disable online services but it pops a message that I must accept downloaded transactions first. How do I find/resolve these phantom downloaded transactions? Thank you.


  • Hello @David Brown,

    Thank you for contacting the Quicken Community, though I do apologize that you are experiencing this issue. 

    I have located a Support Article that discusses some troubleshooting steps to take when Quicken says there are transactions to accept yet you do not see any. You may follow this link to access that FAQ. Please keep in mind that it is recommended to save a backup before proceeding with troubleshooting steps (just in case)

    Let me know how it goes!
    -Quicken Jasmine
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