possibly incorrect [this is about reinstalling 2017 Deluxe and using it with manual entries]

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I too had been using purchased Quicken via cd. I had it on 2 different desktops and a laptop. I like alot of others only used it for manual entries of checkbook and loans. When they changed to subscription, the 2017 version would no longer work because it would no longer let you enter/recognize the activation code. Fortunately I still have it installed on the "unconnected" desktop, since it was not connected it couldn't lock me out.
Question for those that are saying that you can reinstall 2017 Deluxe and use it with manual entries, explain please how to accomplish this since ou have to go online to Intuit to activate.


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    Well, this has now changed so see this thread for the current situation:

    But what use to work is to install Quicken 2017 and then update to the latest patch release.
    Quicken 2017 has never been on subscription, that wasn't the problem.
    Quicken 2014 to Quicken 2017 started their lives where you had to use an Intuit Id to log in to register Quicken to use it.  Since Intuit no longer owns Quicken the Intuit license servers are no longer available.
    By installing the latest patch for the given year version of Quicken that switches from the Intuit Id to the Quicken Id, and this was all that was needed to log in and register Quicken 2014 thru Quicken 2017.

    But now they have gone and broke logging into the Quicken Id from Quicken 2014 thru Quicken 2017.
    If you have an existing install of Quicken 2017 you might be able to use the configuration directory to get an install on another machine working.  See the above thread for details.
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