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this is actually one big complaint. I had to reauthorize my chase credit card which I knew was coming. i was prompted for the new login today when I did my online update. [Removed - Language] quicken decided to add the existing credit card as a new account to quicken and then download 3 months of transactions. I had 3 months of overlapping transactions on 2 different accounts. All I did was re-login as prompted. Why? conversions like this shouldn't take an hour to clean up. [Removed - Speculation]


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    Did the same thing to me as well, only worse. I also have a mortgage account that was created new. No way to link this back to my existing account?

    New: When attempting to do a one step update, it wants me to reauthorize again. No telling what it will do at this point. Will skip to see what happens. It appeared to update both the old and the new accounts.
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    Same here on Windows Quicken. Did another One step update and was asked to reauthorize again so I said "later" and went ahead. Current transactions showed up in old accounts but they are also shown in the "new" accounts. Can I combine (merge) the new and old accounts?
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    Same question about auto merging??? I hope Quicken fixes and merges before I start with the annoying 3-month ordeal to put Humpty Dumpty back together
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    Same here - I now have two chase CC accounts, my original Direct Connect account and a new Express Web Connect account. created during the authorization. The old account has 27 years of data. It is still downloading new data as of today, and the new account is also downloading data - it initially did about 90 days worth. Are accounts using Direct Connect going to be be discontinued from downloading at some point? Not sure I understand why we are making new accounts/connections when the old ones are working fine.
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    dryfork said:
    Not sure I understand why we are making new accounts/connections when the old ones are working fine.
    Because Chase decided it was going to stop supporting Direct Connect. It wasn't Quicken's decision.

    You should be able to go into your old account and disconnect it from downloading. Then you can select all transactions in that account and drag-and-drop them onto the new account, uniting your transactions in one place. Just make sure you don't have duplicates, either before or after you make such. a move. (And make a backup of your data file before making such a change, just in case things get messed up!) Then delete the old account, which will have no transactions in it.
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    What a mess. Now after accepting the downloaded transactions my balance is double. I will try Jacobs's suggestion but I think I will delete the new account first and start over
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    Whew...for me so far anyway. Just deleting the newly authorized downloaded account. Then let it download the old account. Everything seems as it should with only new downloads and no duplicates. Fingers crossed!
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    After updating my Chase credit card connection, Quicken downloaded a bunch of duplicate transactions. In spite most all having the same payee and amount, Quicken did not recognize the duplicates! What a mess!
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    I found this entry on how to merge the two accounts. Presumably you select all the transactions in the old account and merge them into the newly created account. on the old account,new account in the sidebar.
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