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I, like many people, order many things from Amazon. These things belong in many different categories in Quicken. I would like the ability to sync Quicken with one or more Amazon accounts and match those purchases up with the charges to my credit card(s). Quicken should pull each item in as a split line for each transaction, so each item can be categorized.

Once this system is built, other online retailers could be added.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    None of the download protocols support split transactions.  So, to changing this isn't up to Quicken Inc, all the financial institutions other parts of the financial system like the aggregators would have to change.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    OK, if a split can't be done on multi-item orders, maybe there could be an option for the Amazon download to generate a separate transaction for each item in the order, giving users an option to assign a different Category to each item.

    At a minimum, it would be very useful if Amazon's credit card transactions included a brief description of the item(s) ordered in the Description field, the way Alexa does when an order arrives - "Shirt and 3 other items" or whatever. That would make it much easier to decide what Category(s) to assign to the transaction.

    It is particularly confusing when you have returned an item and the credit is applied to your Amazon account. Then later purchases are "free" until the credit is used up and it is very difficult to properly track and categorize them.

    Apparently until recently the downloads for Amazon's store card included a description of the purchases, but that stopped working around May of this year. See this discussion
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  • ericralba
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    The ability to sync Amazon Prime purchases would be very helpful and a time saver. Quicken, please partner with Amazon so to have the abillity for us users to import Amazon transactions.