Help reinstalling Quicken deluxe 2015

TimW43 Member
Hoping someone can help me. I have Q2015 Deluxe installed on 2 different Win 10 computers. Not sure if I'm violating the TOS by doing that, with both machines in the same room and only one used at a time. But I am a SS Rep Payee for a handicap lady. I've logged every transaction since 2010 in Quicken for my protection against abuse of funds.

I have recently built a new W11 machine. I have my personal finances on one W10 machine and then the Rep Payee stuff on another. I have good working copies of both databases. However, when I try to back up and import to a new install of Q15 error message that the files are later than my version. I found all the patches for my version but it doesn't seem to help. I realize that Intuit doesn't support 15 any longer, but it's important for me to salvage all these records. I would even go along with the new subscription service, but having doubts it will properly read my backup files.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


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