Be able to configure recurring transactions by day of the week such as "2nd Wednesday".

Some bills and income happen on a schedule based on the day of the week, such as "the second Friday" etc. Microsoft Outlook Calendar handles this quite well.


  • Jon
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    Are you asking about Quicken on Windows or Mac? Quicken Mac can already do this:

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    This is the most frequently asked question of all time. Both QWin and QMac already allow this.

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  • jacobs
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    Happily, you can already do this. On the schedule screen, the key is to click the "v" icon to change it to the "^" icon. This will reveal the additional scheduling options which allow you to set schedules such as "second Tuesday of each month":

    I have tried to lobby people at Quicken to change this stupid interface design to make it more intuitive to users. If instead of the "^"/"v" icon, there was a "More Options"/"Fewer Options" button, I'm sure you would have clicked it and discovered this. I hope they'll change this some day; this question comes up in this forum every week! ;)

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  • SteveMc
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    Thank you! Yes, I did find the option and I agree it is not very intuitive.
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