Feature Request: Reconcile Amazon Orders

I'd love it if the numerous Amazon charges on my CCs were properly categorized. But it's not the easiest thing to do manually.

Amazon provides a way to download CSVs of your orders/shipments including billing data: https://smile.amazon.com/b2b/reports
(Orders and Shipments report type).

However, the amounts here do not match 1 to 1 with your credit card because sometimes multiple items are combined in a shipment.

It would be great if Quicken could ingest this file, and help match things up - programmatically it's not a difficult problem to solve (yes, it's likely O(n^2) or something), but with realistically with these small data sets it's probably nearly instant to run.

I'd picture this as automatically adding splits to each Amazon transaction and listing maybe in the notes the item it was for?


  • jacobs
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  • volvogirl
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    Maybe if you set Amazon up as a separate account like another credit card.  Then enter the individual purchases and csv into it with the categories.  Then just categorize the charge to your actual credit card to the Amazon account.  
  • jacobs
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    @volvogirl It's not possible to import transactions into Quicken Mac in CSV format.

    I understand the request here, but I do think it would be a major programming effort to implement. It requires logging in to Amazon to download order reports. It would also require Amazon to provide this as a consumer feature, as the one linked above is available only for business accounts. And it would require Quicken to be able to match credit card charges with items ordered, which is not say because of the variety of ways things can get mixed and matched, and the impact of sales taxes on all of that (different tax rates by state and county, some items not being taxable, etc.) And would they build this functionality just for Amazon? What about other major online stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Wayfair, etc.
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  • Jon10
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    Right now I'm simply not categorizing a large percent of our spending since it's through Amazon and I don't have the time/patience to manually reconcile it.

    The link I provided does say "b2b" in it, but my account is not a business account. I believe it's available to all customers.

    Starting with Amazon would solve a problem for customers today, before worrying about expanding to other major online stores. Honestly, putting those others in the list probably isn't quite fair, considering Amazon is equivalent to probably all of their sales combined, and HD and Wayfair are usually easy to categorize.

    I do see the edge case issues here though! I'm not worried about sales tax (it's in the Amazon report), but there are instances where the payment is spread between two methods, for example CC and gift card - these happen often because of how Amazon applies some promotions (this is in the CSV they provide, but not how the funds are allocated).

    Maybe this is a case where it's just too many edge cases to be valuable, but it would be cool if they looked in to it.
  • volvogirl
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    Hey I just checked out your link.  Cool.   How do I find it in my Amazon account?  So I don't have to find your link again in the future?