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Windows Canada R43.xx Release

The latest Quicken for Windows Canada release R43.14 is now available to all Quicken Canada customers.

Before you take this update, we recommend you perform a One Step Update to ensure that your data is synced to the cloud and also make a backup of your data file.

What’s Included:

What's New

  • Added Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) tracking in investment accounts, accessed from “Enter Transactions”.
  • Added the ability to duplicate cards on the New Dashboard to filter and view information from different account types.


  • Provided an option on the 'gear' menu to display the security symbol as well as the security name in the investment register.
  • Added the option to backfill missing price history in the Security Details view.

What’s Fixed

  • In some cases, Tags were disappearing during One Step Update.
  • Securities with asset mixtures were being incorrectly labelled.
  • The 'Save' and 'Rearrange' buttons were hidden from the view while Re-arranging accounts on account bar.
  • Paycheck transactions were duplicated after cloud sync.
  • Share balances rounded to two decimal places in reports despite preferences set to show more than two decimal places.
  • Investment transaction report showing an additional column without a header.
  • 'New Match' status not showing in account register in some cases.
  • Balances not updating in checking account when it is linked to an investment account in Simple Investing mode.
  • All four digits of the year could not be entered while creating a refund.
  • An error in cloud sync when securities of type 'Investment Partnershipare added.
  • One Step Update summary occasionally blank.
  • Last Used date in the Memorized Payee List was not accurate in some cases.

You can also download and install this version via the Canada Mondo Patch found in this support article.

Thank you!
-Quicken Anja
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