Issues you will face when changing your Chase connection method

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Having been a Quicken user for decades and a product beta tester for them for many.... this is the worst implemented change I have ever seen.

Here is what will happen when you upgrade you Chase connection method. All of your chase entries for the last 3 months will be overwritten with new download entries. While they will be the same amounts, all of your comments, Categories, split definitions, everything you have previously entered will be overwritten and gone!

Any entry that had the category defined as another quicken account will instead be redefined to point back to the account you are in. You will need to locate all of these and point them back to the accounts they were supposed to be. This of course throws off the balances in all connected accounts.

Spending countless hours over the last few weeks trying to get things updated and balancing again. Still not done.

These are the kind of ineptly handled changes that turn our financial data into a useless scrambled mess and point users to abandoning your product forever.


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    mymo said:
    Here is what will happen when you upgrade you Chase connection method.
    No, this what might happen to you.  In fact, from what I can tell "percentage wise" most people aren't experiencing this much changes to their transactions, but certainly it is happening to some people.

    The big problem here with even trying to help people is that the conversion is affecting different people in different ways.

    On your exact problem, this is what I would have done instead.

    I would have restored from a backup before the conversion.
    Then I would have deactivated all my banking/credit card accounts for downloading (the investment accounts are staying on Direct Connect for now).
    Next I would go through the reauthorizing process, but when I got to the Quicken dialog for linking to existing accounts, I would instead select to create new accounts.

    This should prevent Quicken from mucking with the old accounts.
    From there I would use the following procedure to move the missing transactions in the old accounts to the new accounts, and then delete the old accounts:
    FAQ: How Do I Move Transactions Between Quicken Accounts? — Quicken

    Note that using copy as suggested in the above FAQ will result in the loss of attachments if you have them.  If this is a problem for you then you can do this differently by first setting all reconcile statuses so none of them have R and then use the Move Transactions menu option instead of the Copy Transactions.  And then after you have finished the move you can then set the reconcile statuses back.

    In all cases you use the multiple select method shown in the above FAQ when you need to multiple transactions and then select an item from the context menu.
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    All chase Accounts were set to not download/overwrite[Edited - Readability].... but it did it anyway ignoring the settings.

    Tried multiple restores and different ways of upgrading to see which came closest before picking one.

    Why should anyone have to move all their transactions to a newly created account? That makes ZERO sense. Go ahead and move over a decade of transactions over by your suggested method and see how long it takes you.

    Also did a file validate after word... said I had over 1000 bad transactions going back to 2016 and I should delete each one and re-enter. Ran File validate a 2 second time and it said there were no issues LOL
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    Well if Quicken is somehow ignoring that you have told it to create new accounts and not to link to the existing ones and still mucking up the transactions in the old accounts, then I have no idea how to fix that.

    But as for transferring transactions from one account to another.
    5 seconds for the "copy" and 6 seconds for the "paste" for 4323 transactions.
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