Latest Release 43.32

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Looks like Q has pushed another hot fix to deal with the ongoing Chase migration issues:

Version R43.32 (HF3) (Sep, 2022)
What’s Fixed
An issue where migration to Express Web Connect Plus caused duplicate transactions for Chase investment accounts. 

Has anyone installed it yet? I don't see any posts at all.


  • Chris_QPW
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    I have installed it without problems, but then again all I did in the area of Chase investment accounts is try it in a test data file on Monday before this release even came out.  And for me I didn't get any duplicate transactions, so this doesn't really apply to me.

    I assume the Moderators will update this notice shortly:

    And hopefully after that this page will be updated too:
    This is my website:
  • bobon
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    I had everything fixed with my chase accounts and now they are [mess]ed up again. also with the new update it is asking me to reactivate again.
  • mrzookie
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    @bobon  That's not good news.
  • Andrew02467
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    I did the Chase update (switched off all internet access to each account first) and had no problems. THe first download the next day, brought down three duplicated transactions..two from the last week and one from two months ago and all three had already been downloaded and entered in the register, but they were easily deleted.
  • mrzookie
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    I finally bit the bullet an did the update for my Chase Costco Visa card. I'm (so far) having an experience similar to yours. I downloaded all chase transactions (they usually come through around 10PM), upgraded to Quicken r43.32 and ran the conversion to EWC+. It went fine. It said it was downloading about 5750 days of transactions, which would put it at about 1/1/2007, the date I added the account to Quicken. Nothing was actually added, so I guess they all matched up?  I connected to Chase again which, as expected, pulled no transactions, but the date/time of connection did update and the connection method displays EWC+. This morning I, oddly, received 2 transactions, which is unusual bc as I said above, I normally don't get transactions for this account until late evening. They were dups of my 2 most recent payments so I deleted them. 

    So far, so good. I'll see what happens tonite.

  • QuickeDan
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    @Chris_QPW: Thanks so much for sharing the link to the "windows-r43" page! I wasn't aware of it. Great to see the timing for when each update was released. I'm a long-time Quicken user and like a lot of us am waiting until the last possible moment to update Quicken for this Chase stuff so that it's the most recent (and hopefully stable) update :-)
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