Credit Card Payments and Car payments to show as a Line item for monthly expense

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I've seen variations of this question, but no real solution for what I'm trying to see. I may be doing it totally wrong.

I would like to see, in a report, of either banking Summary or Itemized Payments by category or Payee of all that went OUT of my accounts, including Car payments and CC payments.

I would like to be able to have this report, whatever we call it, all the things I have paid out, like a budget. So...I can see that I spent x amount of dollars on credit card payments and car payments this year.

I do understand that a payment is a transfer thus not a true expense, HOWEVER, budgetary wise, it is an expense, to me. I need to know that I had this much income, and I spend this much on all the things I did, plus all the credit card payments and car payments.

I can sort of get this when I select everything and exclude internal transfers, but it zeros out the CC payments. I can do Banking summary and see all Transfers TO CC accounts and car payments, but they are (-) line items. If that's how it is, I can just export to excel and change the numbers around a little, but I don't know that i will have true numbers unless I do allot of math.

Is there a better way? I'm willing to go tag all the things, or re-categorize or whatever i need to. I would love to have the bottom line....This much income...this much paid in tax...this much in expenses...this much paid to CC...this much sent to Car payments etc. So I can see that I overspend by this much a month, or that I have a surplus of this much per month. Ideas?


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    no Answers yet...I have found a way in Budgets to kind of show what I want, but I can't export it to excel  or print it. So there is always an issue.
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    Are you tracking the individual transactions in the credit card accounts? If so, the I would think that those would be the outflow you would want to show and not the transfers from checking. If that is the case, you should include the credit card accounts in the report and set Transfers on the Advanced tab to Exclude internal.

    If you just want to show the payments to the credit card issuer, you should exclude the credit card accounts from the report and then with Transfers set to Exclude internal, they should show as expenses.

    I like to think of the account setting with transfers set to Exclude internal as drawing a line around the accounts that are included in the report. Any transactions that cross that line - payments, deposits, or transfers between accounts inside the line and the outside world- is included in the report. 
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    I don't know if this will help, but you should be able to print the budget to a file that Excel can read:
    Ctrl+P (The same as File -> Print Budgets when on the Budget view)

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