How to convert my QMac 2007 file to Windows

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Not quite sure how I got into the community site. Glad to be here tho.
Trying to follow the directions to convert Quicken Mac 2007 to Windows subscription version. It says to "start" from quicken file. I don't see that option in Mac or windows.
Please advise.


  • volvogirl
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    Are you using this?  Quicken article on converting your data.  Scroll down to Convert from Mac to Windows

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • KathM
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    Yes I was trying to follow that. But it says to choose "start" from a quicken file so if gives check boxes of the coversion to do. I can't get to that window with the check boxes.
  • KathM
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    And now after trying to export to qix file, the browser window,com won't open.
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    It says that in one of the top instructions.  Scroll way down to Convert to Windows.

    1. Open your data file in Quicken Mac.
    2. Choose File > Export > Quicken Windows Transfer File (QXF)....
    3. Save the .QXF file to media that will allow you to move it to your PC, such as a thumb drive or CD/DVD. You can also use Dropbox to move files. For more information, click here
    4. Move the media (thumb drive or CD/DVD) to your computer running Windows.
    5. Open Quicken for Windows.
    6. Choose File > New Quicken File.
    7. Select New Quicken File, click OK.
    8. Name your new data file and press OK.
    9. Choose File > Import and then select the .QXF file from your media.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    edited September 2022
    There is no QXF export file from QM2007. The link above does not include instructions from QM2007 to QWin. Quicken has taken down the article to show you how to do this.

    There are only 2 paths to get to QWin from QM2007.
    1. Export data to QIF files from QM2007 then import them into QWin (see attached PDF below containing instructions from article taken down).
    2. Upgrade QM2007 to current QMac , then export the data using QXF to migrate to QWin. The caveat is that using this method will not migrate investment transactions from QM2007. You will still need to use method 1 for those transactions.

    Also note that neither of these is not a clean path or process and some data massaging may still be needed after the migration.

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