Cannot Create 2021 Tax Schedule (Q Mac)

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I have 6.9.0. Mac. I cannot create a tx report for my 2021 taxes. Following online instructions I do not have a Reports & Graphs Center. Under Reports I have All Reports, Recently Opened, My Reports and Quicken Reports. All Reports only has a Tax option for Year to Date. Under my Reports tab I have only a 2019 Tax Schedule and a Tax Schedule but also only for Year to Date. How do I create my 2021 Tax Schedule? Thankyou.


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    Under Quicken Reports, select Tax and you should find a Tax Schedule report:
    Open that and then click on the Edit button. Change the date range to Last Year; if you need something older than that select Custom Dates and enter whatever start & end date you like. 

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    All the reports in Quicken Mac feature the edit/customize screen, where you can set the parameters for the report. Set a date range select if you want the report to include a subset of all your accounts, categories, or tags…  After the customize the settings and view the report, you can save it as a custom report so you don't have to set up the parameters each time. So you could have separate Tax reports for 2020, for 2021 and for 2022, for instance.  
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