Quicken for Mac Manual - Budget Use [Edited]

Jaybird180 Member ✭✭
I tried creating a budget in Quicken about a year ago. I got frustrated and gave up. I happily use the ledger, download transaction matching and bill scheduling portions. But for budgeting, I shouldn't have to do it manually using spreadsheets, but I am and there are drawbacks.

Is there is a manual available that gives a basic understanding of how the budgeting part of the software works so I don't try to over use it or find a design limitation. Perhaps start with showing me the UI and going from there.

The support section of the website is full of links that take me to articles trying to sell me on why I need the software, now I want to actually put it to use. Yes, I've seen the Youtube video on Quicken budgeting, but that only demonstrated its existence, not much on putting it into use.

Where should I go?


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