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Chase - can we have a Chase account included in multiple different QDF files ?

Ps56k2 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
With the latest migration of Chase from DC to EWC+ which now requires a change to how things are authorized and handled between Quicken software and the end server at Chase - we have a question.....
Have a Chase checking account that I have used to include in any "testing" Quicken files.
So, is that even still possible, to have a Chase account that is included in different QDF files, along with the Quicken Cloud for Mobile App and Quicken on the Web -
That is why I have included this Chase checking account - to "test" the Mobile App and Qweb interface... (as I would never enable it on my live QDF file)

QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10


  • LWS
    LWS Member ✭✭
    running Windows 10. The instructions to link under the new Chase protocol said to mark all Chase accounts even if they were in different files. Now all Chase accounts are under one file (Home).
    What do I need to do to stop the linkage in one file (Home) and connect the other account to the second file (Office). When I try to do an update in the Office file a dialog box says to insert the Chase Password but there is no way to insert it.
    Thanks in advance
  • Hiveman
    Hiveman Member ✭✭
    edited October 2022
    Both my wife and I have IRAs at Chase. Chase requires us to have two accounts because we're not allowed to access both IRAs on the same account. However the new Chase connection doesn't seem to be able to handle that - it will authorize my account and not give Quicken access to my wife's info or it will authorize her account and not give Quicken access to my info. Is there a way to have separate connections set up for separate accounts at Chase?
  • Hiveman
    Hiveman Member ✭✭
    BTW, both accounts were updating fine before the new Chase connection was introduced. This is a bug in the new interface.
  • Graygeek
    Graygeek Member
    After wrestling for over two hours to try to deal with the Chase Bank "reauthorize" nonsense, I now can connect to Chase, but the data comes into the wrong account on Quicken. How do I get it to connect to the right account?
  • Ps56k2
    Ps56k2 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2022
    just to clarify - Are BOTH Chase IRA accounts listed in the same Quicken QDF file -
    We have several Chase accounts - each with their own User ID and related SSN - in the same QDF file - works fine

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10

  • Hello @Ps56k2,

    Good question!

    I reached out to my team just to confirm and yes, multiple files are allowed with Chase. 

    I hope that clears things up!
    -Quicken Jasmine
  • Hiveman
    Hiveman Member ✭✭
    It doesn't clear things up when it doesn't work! I'm now reduced to manually updating my accounts because Quicken has fouled up the connections.
    - only connects to one account even if there are two at Chase
    - requires me to reauthorized every time (even though Chase says I've already authorized)
    - randomly and inconsistently puts transactions into other accounts, or
    - randomly and inconsistently mis-identifies other accounts as Chase accounts, or
    - randomly and inconsistently mis-identifies Chase accounts as other accounts

    Based on my experience and the huge number of posts on this forum about problems with this new Chase interface it seems to be badly broken.
  • aggie11
    aggie11 Member ✭✭
    Your problem with different IRA accounts (different login credentials) is exactly the same issue I am having with my 2 credit card accounts with mine and my wife's. It activates one account and deactivates the other. Two different log on IDs are not allowed in the same EWC+ connection apparently. Still no fix for me a month later. This is a quicken issue that they seem uninterested in fixing.
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