I presently use Quicken 7 Canadian on my MacBP 32 bit of course & intend to purchase a MacAir.

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How do I transfer all my data to MacAir 64 bit version of Quicken?


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    Are you really meaning QM 7, or do you mean QM 2007?

    If so, you have an uphill battle to accomplish this. Steps needed:
    1. find a copy of QM2007 v 16.0.x (once sold on CD). This is a PPC version, NOT an Intel version (v16.1.x and higher). You will need to run this on your old Mac (presumably with Mac OS X 10.6.8 or older). The hard part will be finding such a version.
    2. You may even need another older PPC version as an intermediary, as QM2007 sometimes cannot convert straight from such an old version of the data file (e.g. I had to go from QM2002 to 2005 to 2007).
    3. Then you can convert from QM2007 to modern QMac on your new Mac. This you will do on your new Mac by copying the data file over then performing the conversion/upgrade.

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    Yes it is 2007. Probably hardly worth searching for an older version of Quicken. Are you saying that I should try a backup of 2007 & then attempt to see if it installs on a new QMac either with a conversion or upgrade feature? If this falls short, at least I can manually transfer by keyboard all the most recent categories & amounts over to the new! Am not planning to get rid of my current laptop only if it dies of old age! Thanks for your suggestions!
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