Cannot Create an Income Donut Chart

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I can create and display a cash flow report that shows cash-in (mostly income) and cash-out (mostly expenses). Further, I can create and display an expense donut chart and display on my Quicken home page. This expense donut chart reconciles with expenses in the cash flow report.

I want to create and display the analog of the expense donut chart, an income donut chart that reconciles with the income side of the cash flow report. Things like salary, pension, dividends, annuity distributions, etc. But I cannot. There is no way to create and display this donut chart! The expense donut is not in the report/graph library, therefore there is no way to graphically display income. I wish Quicken would enhance the app to include this.

I know, I could export the income data to Excel and create the chart. But the beauty of Quicken is charts are generated and displayed automatically on the home page.



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    It is a little counter intuitive, but you can customize the report at Reports > Spending >  Spending by Category to show a donut chart of your income. Include only income Categories in the report. Set the Column selection to None to get the donut chart.

    The numbers in the legend will be negative because it is an Expense report.

    For some reason, I can't seem to get this report to include the special income Categories like _DivInc in investing accounts.

    You can also see a less customizable version of this chart on the Spending tab if you select Income in the third dropdown box at the top. 
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  • Pat Sills
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    Jim, thx for your reply. I apologize for this delayed reply to your post. I tried your first suggestion, and it works perfectly in the creation of the desired donut graph, albeit with negative numbers. But this doesn't solve my issue as there is no way to add this donut chart to My Summary View. If I care enough to create a customized donut chart, wouldn't it be nice if I could display it with my other important charts and graphs?
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    You could create a new post in here with your request for an income chart, similar to the expense chart, then make that post an "Idea."  (Click the 3 ellipses in the upper right hand corner and select Ideation.)
    People could then vote on your idea.  If enough people vote in favor of the idea Quicken developers might implement into Quicken.
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