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Some of my accounts automatically reconcile when all of the downloaded transactions are accepted.  Other accounts leave the transactions as Cleared but not reconciled.  I must then go to the reconcile and select done.  Why?  What am I doing wrong.  All of the counts seem to be set up the same.


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    It is a reconcile setting at the account level:

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    I suggest you read the following Support Article: Reconciling an Account in Quicken for Windows [Support Article].
    As a side note:  If on the Online Services tab of Account Details the box for "Reconcile to online balance" is checked but you still need to go to Reconcile and then click on Done, you might need to:
    • Uncheck the box for "Reconcile to online balance" on the Online Service tab.
    • Close Quicken and then reopen it.
    • Go to the Online Services tab and check the box for "Reconcile to online balance."
    • The next time you download transactions, go to Reconcile and you should see the "Reconcile Online Account" popup.  Make sure "Online balance" is selected AND the box for "Auto reconcile downloaded transactions" is checked.
    Once completed, Auto Reconciliation should complete without your intervention.  The exception will be if there is an issue Quicken encounters in trying to complete the Auto Reconciliation because either the Online Balance has not yet been updated with the new transactions information or the Online Balance has been updated but there is one or more new transactions that have not yet been downloaded.  Then you will get the popup showing the cleared and uncleared transactions and you will need to decide what to do about the issue.  When this happens, in almost all cases it is best to simply wait and run OSU later and see if the account reconciles, then.  Within 12-24 hrs these kinds of issues will usually self resolve. 

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