Current Budget report displaying wrong category total

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On the Current Budget report, the Actual column has a total for OUTFLOWS. However, the list of categories doesn't add up to the correct total OUTFLOWS on the report. Upon investigation, I discovered 4 transfer account categories that are causing this footing error for OUTFLOWS.

The 4 transfer account category rows incorrectly display $0. However, the $0 amounts are hyperlinks. When you click on the $0 hyperlinks, the actual detail with the correct amounts are linked. In other words, the details on the hyperlinks are not transferring to report for these 4 transfer account category rows.

Again, the total OUTFLOW is correct but the 4 rows are incorrectly showing $0 instead of the actual amounts from the details.


  • Tom Young
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    You're talking about the Cash Flow report here, right?  That's the report the deals with Inflows and Outflows.  The budget report indicates Income and Expense.
    Since the information appears to be there - just not shown correctly - the first thing I'd try is closing Quicken and rebooting the computer.  Sometimes "presentation" issues get fixed that way.
    Is this a custom "Saved" report that you've used in the past, and have you recently accepted an update from Quicken?  Updates have been known to affect saved reports for some reason.  You might try customizing the report in some fashion or creating the report again, from scratch.

  • Jim_Harman
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    I think this is actually the Spending > Current Budget report. There is an "Organization " option on the Display customization tab to select "Cash flow basis" or "Income & Expense". I don't see that this does anything other than changing the section headers, but maybe I am missing something.

    I don't see any issues with zero balances.
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  • Tom Young
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    I would say you're right.  I haven't used the Current Budget report for years.
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