Tracking Season Tickets

Is anyone using Quicken to track something like season tickets? What I'm hoping to accomplish is to have a single account where I can track the cost and resale amount of tickets for multiple events. Some tickets I use personally, several I resell, and some get donated to various charities.

It would be nice if there's a way to import the data into turbo tax as well. I'm tired of tracking this in spreadsheets and it seems like quicken would be the perfect place for it. I've played around with using the investment and property accounts for tracking but (unless someone knows of an easier way) it's too much of a pain to create each event with the parameters provided in quicken. I'm using Quicken Premier - Perhaps the business version has something suitable?


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    Thanks. That should be a nice way to track the cashflow from the tickets. I guess the biggest thing I'd like to accomplish is to export the resale transactions into IRS form 8949 at the end of each year.
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    @DocGer Your scenario only dealt with "sold" or "charity", it doesn't deal with "used" that I can see.
    I thought of treating a ticket as a share of stock.  Then, sales at above or below cost would show a gain/loss. 
    Charity would be a sale at cost to a cash account (just for this purpose since there is no check involved) and then a debit for the "cost" shown to the appropriate charitable category.
    In the end, the number of shares left would be your "used" tickets plus any that you were not able to sell.  At season end, you would do a remove shares to zero out that ticket.

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    That's pretty close to the path I was experimenting with. I'm able to crudely get it to work. The part that's slowing me down is that it looks like Quicken wants to be too helpful and "lookup" the security name instead of allowing me to create a custom "offline" security. If I wasn't using any tickets for myself I'd just use average cost for the season. The issue with that is most of the leagues use variable demand pricing so within the season the total package consists of tickets with various prices so I've been tracking everything using specific lots.
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    The basic issue here is that Q can only track money ... not inventory items such as widgets or tickets.
    You might be better off sticking with your spreadsheet.
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