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Gary R
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Is there a way to enlarge the portfolio register?  Everything is very small and my eyesight is not good. 
Current window settings are 150%-Recommended for text,apps, and other items
Display--1920 X 1080 Recommended
These setting are good for everything except Quicken


  • Jim_Harman
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    You can try View > Use large fonts, but that will make all of Quicken's text bigger and may make some screens hard to read.

    Or get a bigger monitor. 27 inch monitors are about $130 these days.
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  • Gary R
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    Thanks Jim---I'll give it a shot---My PC is 14 inch screen
  • Gary R
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    Jim---Thanks--It's much better---100% improvement
  • Chris_QPW
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    One warning, you are most likely going to have problems with some dialogs in Quicken.

    When in large font mode the min screen resolution at 100% Windows scaling is 1280x1024.
    Since your Windows scaling is at 150% that means that you need a resolution of 1280 * 1.5 and 1024 * 1.5, as in, 1920x1536.

    Some of the dialogs which are of a fixed size will be off the screen.
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