What is real time quotes?

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What is real time quotes, how is it different from the current quote updates (which are 15 minutes delayed)? What is the advantage and Is it functional and working at this point?


  • Jim_Harman
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    Real time quotes are supposedly more up to date than the standard 15 min delayed quotes.

    They are now only available to Premier and up subscribers. 

    There have been reports the real time quotes provide incorrect data for securities that are not publicly traded, such as some special 401k funds.
    QWin Premier subscription
  • hmday
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    thanks. I don't think I need the feature! I won't click that box. I'm always a little nervous to adopt a new feature....
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    IF you need more timely quotes (say, if you're going to be making a trade) your broker's website would be a better place to obtain them than Q would be.
    THEN, you could actually place the trade promptly.

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  • steve.holtzkener
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    I turned Real Time Quotes on (Quicken Home and Business Canada). It seems to be picking up USD prices for stocks on TSX (when I want Canadian dollar prices) and doesn't work for many stocks. Pretty flaky
  • Bob H
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    Agree to the above comment about it being flaky. Random quotes seemed to be returned and some comeback with no data 5-10 min into the market open. Not sure how this is viewed as a feature ready for prime time
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