how to revert to previous version of quicken

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I installed the latest version of quicken R45.7> it does not work correctly with downloads from banking or stock brokerage transactions. How can I "roll Back" to the previous version which is R44.28?


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  • deathrs
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    Thank You for the info. this worked to allow me to roll back from R45.7 ( a dumpster fire ) to the previous version R44.28. all is working fine now.
  • djrfree
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    I had the same problem except that I discovered it on Nov 22 after installing the latest release (45.11). My brokerage balances were wrong on the comparison report and some downloaded transaction shares/units had been truncated. Reverting to 44.28 resolved those problems, but I had to re-confirm 2 weeks worth of transactions, not to mention the 2 plus hours I spent on the phone with Quicken Support attempting to find a resolution. It surprised me that Support did not ask for any evidence of the problem. Did they already know about it?
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    @djrfree There are numerous reported issues with R45 that are well known.

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