Is there any way to recover/remove passwords on QDF files created using Quicken 2004?

Hi, unfortunately the lady who previously looked after some accounts using Quicken 2004 (running on Windows 10 laptop) has died and no one knows the file passwords (there are 2 QDF files which are password protected). I'd be grateful for any ideas/help. Thanks.


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    You can try following the steps in this Support Article:  What if I forgot the Data File Password or Quicken isn't accepting it?.  However, my guess is that they will not work with such an old version of Quicken.  Still, it would be worth a try. 

    Note that this process does require some knowledge of what data is in the file.  Maybe she saved or printed out reports which can be accessed to get some of that information?  Or, as the instructions state, you might need to log into the online account of some of the financial institutions to find the data....but perhaps the data could also be found on statements.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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    If you can't do the password recovery, if one was to update to the newest version of Quicken Subscription I'm pretty sure that Quicken Support could bypass the password:
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