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I have Quicken Deluxe for Windows. Is there a report that lists all transactions under each category AND tag? What I'm looking for -- and had when I was using Quicken for Mac -- is each category subdivided by tag and each transaction listed under its assigned tag. Such a report indicates where I've misplaced transactions, leading to correction.


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    In QWin you can run the report at Reports > Itemized Categories. Set the date range and click the gear at the top right of the report to select the accounts and categories to include. Back at the report, click Update to Show and Transaction detail. This will show the selected transactions subtotaled by Category. The report will not subtotal by Tag but you can click on the Tag column header to sort each category by Tag.

    If you want Tag as the first level sort, you can start with the Itemized Tags report then sort by Category.
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    A "Transaction Report" sorted by Category and Subtotaled by Tag would probably be what you want.
  • Thank you Mr. Harman and Mr. Young.
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