Combining 2 Quicken programs?

I have 2015 Quicken Rental property manager on one computer and 2015 quicken starter on another can I combine the two of them in a new Quicken Home Business & Rental Property


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    I take it that each computer has a unique data file?  If that's the case then you can merge two distinct files into one file, but it's typically a long and arduous process, and one that's prone to errors.  You might want to read this post:
    One approach that you might consider instead is to create in the more complex and largest file the Accounts that exist in the simpler, lower volume file, with Opening Balances in the new Accounts that reflect the current Ending Balances in the simpler file.  The bulk of the transaction history for these "new" Accounts would remain in the simpler file, and you could look in that file if you need some specific information.  (As part of the creation of the "new" Accounts you might want to also carry over some small amount of outstanding and uncleared  transactions to ease the reconciliation process in the "new" Accounts.)
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    Just to clarify, your financial information is in a data file, not the Quicken program, so you could move the data file from the computer with Starter to the computer with RPM, you just need to make the filenames of the two files different to avoid confusion between the two files.
    You can rename the data file using Windows Explorer and then open it using File->Open Quicken file in Quicken.

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