Since updating to Version 6.10.3, Quicken for Mac is slow

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Ever since I've updated my QfM to Version 6.10.3, Quicken runs slow. I get beach balls for pretty much everything. Want to create a new transaction....beach ball...want to save the transaction...beach ball...want to run a report...beach ball.

It wasn't doing this at all before the update.


  • jacobs
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    I can't explain why you're seeing that; I can only say it isn't that way for me, and we haven't seen other posts about this being a widespread problem.

    Are you sure that your data file is on your local hard drive, and not in an area where it's being stored on iCloud or Dropbox? Cloud storage is a no-no, and slow performance is one of the possible results.

    Are you sure there are no report windows open beneath the main Quicken window? Pull down the Window menu and make sure there is nothin below Sync Errors on the menu; if there are, close those other windows. Multiple open report windows can cause Quicken to work slowly, because it has to refresh each window after every transaction.
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    I was seeing this as well, I believe it started with the update just prior to 6.10.3 as I took two updates just a couple of days apart hoping the second one would fix the molasses. Your suggestion to check for open report windows was helpful - I found one report open and that seemed to be responsible for the agonizingly slow response. Wishing I'd seen that before I spent nearly 2 hours reconciling an account that should have taken 10 minutes!
  • jacobs
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    @jbcarl I'm glad it turned out to be an open report which was the culprit for you. I should have listed that first, as it confuses users, inexperienced and experienced alike.

    I really wish the developers would come up with some element in the user interface to make it apparent to users that they have one or more windows open but hiding behind the main window. I created an Idea topic for this issue, but it hasn't received many votes; please click on the link and take a minute to add your vote and your comment about how much time you wasted because you unknowingly had left a report window open.
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