2017 H&B re-install and blank sign blocking data file access

fakepa Member
Hi, I originally purchased Quicken Home & Business 2017 and I recently had to reinstall the 2017 Quicken application after my hard drive crashed and I had to reset it. I have the back up Quicken data file that I reloaded after re-installing Quicken. However I am getting the blank log screen after loading my Quicken file, though I initially can see it at first then it goes away to the blank screen. I have searched and read the support pages and I found that I would need to sign up for the new subscription service as 2017 is no longer supported. I get that. I do not need the online banking/financial services.

After researching the support pages, it says my copy of Quicken will continue to work if I do not need online services. It is not allowing me to use the software I had purchased and is not allowing me access to my data and data file that I own. I believe the system is blocking me from accessing the software I purchased and trying to force me to upgrade to the subscription service. I get the change in your business model. I feel I bought that software and should be able to use it for my personal access.

Seeking assistance in how I can get this previously purchased software working to access my data . Thank you.


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