Why does Quicken try to install updates on C:?

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My Quicken is installed on my D: drive. There is plenty of room on it (590GB). Why does it have to have space on the C: drive to install updates? Less than 1GB there.


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    The C: drive is the recommended default. So Q tries to install updates there, just as it tried to do your initial install there.
    Since you chose the "D:" drive, you'll need to make adjustments for every update/upgrade.

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    I presume that your operating system is installed on C.  It is a very bad idea to starve the operating system of space on its primary drive.  I presume that is why you installed Quicken on the D drive, but it sounds like you should move more off of C:.

    As for why Quicken is installing patches on C: it is because in fact they have hard coded a lot of things certain places.  Not to mention one should always assume that temporary files like patches will consuming space on the primary operating system disk.
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    How do I "make adjustments for every update/upgrade."? There's plenty of space on D:
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