list of QFX supporting institutions ?

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Just wondering does anybody have a list of transfer services and institutions that support QFX download.?
Paypal doesn't, and looking around to see if venmo does, I can't figure it out.


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    Search your computer for the file FIDIR.TXT (it might be hidden).  Open that with NotePad or WordPad (NOT MS Word) and search for word WEB.
    Any Financial Institution that has that (either WEB-CONNECT or EXPRESS-WEB-CONNECT) supports QFX files.
    BTW, PayPal supports Express-Web-Connect, so what do you want that's not available?
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    neilh20 said: Just wondering does anybody have a list of transfer services and institutions that support QFX download.?
    why do you want to download QFX files - vs online One Step Update -
    which would imply a manual QFX download from the institution website ?

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    If you open a copy of the FIDIR.txt file in Excel, it formats in columns for easy reading.  But do this with a copy because you don't want to mess up the original.

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    thanks for the references. Found it C:\ProgramData\Quicken\Inet\Common\Localweb\Banklist

    Well "one step update" is not reliable for accounts I'm working with. A simple concept has got complex.

    I so want a working manual update - it was working for me up to about 2019, and then its been downhill with "One step update".

    I'm an embedded software engineer, and spent far too much time figuring what is not working - IHMO One Step Update is fatally flawed.

    At least with QFX there is a chance of understanding if the incoming data .QFX is wrong. In 2019 I was able to show ExchangeBank Santa Rosa there FTID are not unique. But they have never fixed it. So I'm downloading a date bracketed version of the downloads, and moved to another bank.
    For Just on my savings account - sometimes One Step Update brings in the interest, but it misses the transfer to other accounts.

    With "one step update" and Paypal I have a long list since 2016 yes its working, and then periodically no its missed a transaction and I've had to hunt it down, comparing online statements and then figuring out what is missing, enter it manually. Not pretty. Just did it again this morning, very stressful and unproductive. I stay away from using Paypal as much as possible.
    The VISA card and has worked very well QFX - so nice.
    So I'm only looking for institutions that support manual download of QFX, and may also trying to understand if Quickbooks is better at this basic distributed data base synchronization.
    Forget bitcoin/distributed ledgers - lets just have simple ledger with traceable ordinary transactions.
    I have a list of- this works with QFX, - this account has started work with One Step Update but failed on date xxx.
    IHMO QFX download seems to be a proving ground because its traceable, and the back end of bank software can prove the path, then IHMO, "One Step Update" needs to play nice with that arrangement. Just my technical 2cents, but I guess some marketing people gave that a >>null
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    @splasher - thanks that makes it so much easier to see.
    And it makes one-column for WEB-CONNECT==QFX
    paypal and venmo don't support it.
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