Subscription pricing

I get an email (different email than my user ID) from Quicken that offers a subscription for $59.88/yr. When I login however, using my quicken the price doubles.

Why do companies punish existing customers?


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  • splasher
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    Probably because they figured they have you hooked and they reduce the price to hook "new" users.

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  • MishawakaKirk
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    I too don't think this is right. We, regular users, are who Support Quicken and give them the proceeds to pursue new customers with discounted offers.
    According to Shark Tank, there is a Cost to retain customer's -- that is what I think Quicken (H.I.G. Capital) is trying to avoid. More money for their investment return.

    I've been a Quicken user for 20 years and on the old model, I upgraded about every two-three years. Under the new subscription model, I have no choice but to 'upgrade' annually.
    At the least, Quicken could offer reduced pricing for two or three year plans? For example a Three year plan would cost the equivalent of two years? or maybe of 2 1/2 years? some savings for us dedicated users?
  • rustbuckets4
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    I am in the same boat. For the past 4 years I seen almost a $10.00 increase. This increase is painful, but what is a guy sup-post to do? I love to product, but hate that fee that is paid. I would like to see Quicken do something for us loyal customers that keep coming back. Almost feels like were getting screwed in one way.
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