Maximum number of Schwab accounts?

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I have 16 Schwab accounts I download into 5 different Quicken files. Every time I try to sync to Schwab, one or more accounts doesn't sync. So I have to reauthorize Schwab. But only some of the 16 accounts appear in the list of check boxes. There are different ones left off each time, so eventually I can sync them all, but it is very annoying, and each sync needs multiple Schwab reauthorizations. Anyone know what is going on? What I can try to make the Quicken-Schwab user experience less like torture?


  • kh77777
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    Sorry, I meant: if I check all the accounts I want on the Schwab authorization screen, then some don't appear in the list back in Quicken. And random ones don't appear. That means I have to check fewer boxes in Schwab to make sure I get the ones I want in that Quicken file. So that deauthorizes them in the other Quicken files. UGH
  • kh77777
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    And even when they appear in the list to check off, sometimes they sync and sometimes they don't...
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    OK, let's start with WHY multiple files?

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    Another question: Are any of these 16 accounts at Schwab being downloaded into two or more of these 5 files?  As I recall, Schwab was not going to allow this to occur.  Not sure if that's still the case or not.
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    Assuming each Schwab account is going into only one Quicken file, you will need to set up a distinct Schwab on-line ID for each Quicken file. (That won't prevent you from still having authorization/access via Schwab to all your accounts from your current Schwab ID). In my case I had one Schwab on-line ID through which I had access to my and my mother's accounts, and two Quicken files - one with my accounts, and one with my mother's. After the transition, I needed to set up an additional Schwab on-line ID for my mother (I could do this because her tax ID was different than mine), and use that ID to connect to the Quicken file with her accounts.
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