What date was an Q software update performed?

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How would you determine what date a software revision was performed?  I had 3 releases came in November that were installed on different days.  Where could I look to see what days those were done?  I suspect something happened about Nov 14 or 15.  Transactions are being missed intermittently on downloads since then.  Specifically the download missed a transaction on Nov 23 in my Chase checking account.  Other strange things are happening also.


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    If you look in the BACKUP folder inside the folder where your data file is stored, you should see file with a name like <your filename>-<old version no>-<update date>.QDF-backup.

    This is the backup file that is created when you do an update. The <update date> is when the update was performed.
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    Quicken now makes automatic backup files of the version that was being updated from.  It inserts the version of the file that was being updated like what is highlighted in yellow in the following picture.:
    This is an example of when Quicken updated from R38.30 to R39.17.  The date this backup file was saved was 2022-03-09 as shown right after the version number...which is also the date the version update occurred.
    Go to where your automatic backup files are saved in Windows Explorer and look for the files with the versions added to the file name.   Then you will know when the version updates were done.
    If you don't know where your automatic backup files are saved:  Edit > Preferences > Backup > Automatic backups > Open.  (Disregard the red circles.  This picture was also used for another thread previously.)

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