I have downloaded Quicken to a new computer and need to get the info from old computer put in.

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I saw that I could sync the info in Quicken on old computer and then see it on new one but can the info be downloaded to the new computer or can you sync it with that one.


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    What you need to do is to copy the data file (FileName.QDF) from the old computer to the new computer.  That's what brings the information across to the new computer.  You can copy and paste the file through your local network if you have one, or use a thumb drive or some other media to duplicate the file on the new computer.
    The "cloud" is not a complete copy of the data file on the old computer, you need the actual QDF file on the new computer to get going again.
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    I'm assuming you are referring to syncing the data on your old computer to your Quicken Cloud Account so you can see your Quicken data on your smart phone (Quicken Mobile) or on in your browser (Quicken on the Web).  But doing that does not upload all of your Quicken data there...it's just a subset of the data that is saved in the data file on your computer.  It also does not allow for download of any data to a different computer...it can only sync back and forth with the original data file.
    To transfer your data file from the old computer to the new computer you should backup your data file to a thumb drive, a Cloud Storage site, a network server or a CD or DVD.  Then you can transfer that data file to your new computer.  If you have Bluetooth on both computers you could also save the backup file to your old computer and then transfer that file to your new computer via that method.  Once the file is saved on the new computer you can double click on it which should open Quicken and then follow the prompts to open and use the file in Quicken.  That's all there is to it. 
    You might want to review the following Support Article which provides more detail and has a 5-minute Youtube video explaining the process:  https://www.quicken.com/support/how-do-i-move-my-quicken-data-file-one-computer-another.
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