How do I automatically split transactions from multiple cardholders on the same AmEx account

I have an american express card, and I have given cards to multiple family members. Is there a way to assign charges to them? Ideally automatically. I would also like to keep track of their spending such that I can make sure they are paying their charges, but not have their spending reflect on my own totals.
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    There isn’t any way to do this automatically.  You didn’t state if the transactions download into different accounts or not.  Clearly if there isn’t anything different like an account it would be impossible, but even for the case of different accounts Quicken’s renaming rules and memorized payees that are used for assigning categories automatic are global.

    On that subject there is an idea that people can vote on to hopefully get this feature in the future.

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    Oops, I didn’t mention how to do it manually, I think the use of a tag for each person would be the way to go.  And then you can run reports filtered by tags.
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    It all really comes down to how the AmEx data is downloading, and if AmEx actually includes ANYTHING in the downloaded transaction that would identify which "cardholder" has the charge.... if not -
    As mentioned, above, you could manually add a TAG to each transaction, but that would require you knowing who did what - maybe the AmEx statement breaks out the charges by each card -

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    Do the various cards all have the same account number ... or different?
    The American Airline cards that my wife and I have are one account, one bill (subtotaled by card), one download into Q ... but two different card numbers.

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