Starting a new Data File (current one over 20years 500k)- best way

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I'm a long time Quicken Windows User. My data file is now over 500k going back 20 years. I put ALL of my financial transactions in. It still works ok, but I would like to simplify with a new data file for the start of 2023. What I have been doing to date is WAY to time consuming.

I'm not sure if I should import from a few years ago, say back to 2020. I know I want to simplify my categories for better, simpler budgeting. I have almost given up on using the investment section. I have too many and it takes hours to input every little mutual fund fractional share. Maybe it'll down load easier and be accurate with a new data file.

Even after all these years using quicken, I feel like I could use a practical tutorial. Anyway the main thing is creating new smaller data file for next year.


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    halcyon4 said:  I'm a long time Quicken Windows User. My data file is now over 500k going back 20 years.
    That does seem large - even for the timeframe.... do you have "attachments" stored in the Quicken QDF file ?
    Try the Quicken display ... Help --> (Shift key) + About Quicken

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    I have the same issue and question, so interested to hear the guidance. My file is not only large and slow, but having just been recently divorced, I want a fresh file which matches to my new normal but I didn't necessarily want to set EVERYTHING up from scratch.
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    Starting a new data file is dead simple.  But as you add more criteria you start getting a very custom question that can't readily be answered.  For instance, @halcyon4 talks about changing categories where @Rhinoguy98 doesn't seem to want that.  And then the question about how far back the transactions one wants comes into play.

    You might want to try creating a new data file with this option on and off to see the results:
    Edit -> Preferences -> Setup -> Use New Subscriber settings for new files, accounts, features.

    Also, you can create a new data file, maybe delete the categories, and then export/import the Category list and maybe the Memorized payees from the old file to the new one using the QIF export/import.

    You can also File -> Copy or Backup File and see if Create a copy or template OR Create a year-end-archive will suit your needs.  Note though with these you aren't starting from scratch and as such it is possible that problems might carry on from the old data file.
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