Can I user downloaded qfx files only without any configured webconnect accouunts?

Not really a new user but thinking of coming back to Quicken. I realize that the system which stores banking credentials is secure, however, I am not comfortable storing my banking creds in any system that could someday be breached.

With that in mind, am I able to configure accounts and import a downloaded qfx file once a week without issue?


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    What do you expect to do with those qfx files if accounts in Q aren't set up to receive them?

    "without any configured webconnect accouunts"

    WebConnect is the type of connection where one initiates a download of a qfx file manually ... and then manually imports it into Q.
    Are you thinking that Webconnect is something else?
    And, BTW, not all financial institutions provide WebConnect.

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  • I mean I want to setup the account manually without any connection to auto download transactions. I would then import downloaded qfx files myself each week.
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    Quicken will confirm the first and every time that you import a Web Connect .QFX file that the financial institution that it is from is a participating Quicken partner, but that has nothing to do with passing your personal information, just checking against the official list of FIs. 
    The first time it uses that information to make the connection (links) to the account in Quicken (or creates an account) so that the next time it knows which account the import should be made into without asking.

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