Difference between Transaction Date and Posting Date

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I was doing a reconcile to one of my credit card accounts and I was out by one transaction. When I checked the register, it looked like it should have been included in the dates for the reconcile but it wasn't can someone explain where you can see both the transaction and posting date an where you can change them?


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    The transaction date is the date the transaction actually occurred.  For instance, if I made a gas purchase on my credit card on 12/1, then that is the transaction date.  This date is editable in Quicken.
    The posting date is the date that the financial institution has completed processing that transaction.  It is not until the transaction has posted that it will be downloaded from the financial institution into Quicken.  This date is not editable in Quicken.  
    The transaction date is the default Date column in the account register.  The posting date column can be optionally added to the register as shown here:

    Some financial institutions will show pending transactions (transactions that have been made but not yet posted) in the online account.  These transactions are not downloaded into Quicken (but there is some work going on trying to make this an option in Quicken).
    Note:  Quicken downloads financial transactions from the financial institutions via Express Web Connect and Express Web Connect+ at night.  Sometimes this download will occur before the financial institution has completed updating their servers with all of the prior day's transactions.  When this happens, the online balance might not agree with the account register balance shown in Quicken or newly posted transactions will not get downloaded.  This will make it difficult to reconcile the account to the online balance.  When this happens, the best thing to do is to cancel the reconciliation process and run OSU or Update Now again later on.  The issue will usually self-resolve within 12-24 hrs and then reconciling to the online balance should then be able to be completed properly.

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    If you are reconciling to the paper statement and all the transactions are not showing that you expect for the date that you enter for the end date, add a day or two to the date so that Quicken will display a few more days.  It may auto checkmark more than you need, but you can uncheckmark them easy enough, though the downside to that is the it then changes then from C to blank, but you can then change then back to C, yes it is a hassle, but you will have a successful reconcile.

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