when I add a Category to a Report, all the hidden categories show up [edited]

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I have a monthly income and expense report with selected Accounts and Categories. When I add a new Category (Customize...), all the previously unselected Categories show up. This has been happening for several years. what am I doing wrong? how to work around this? TY for any ideas.


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    When you pull up the report to customize it, are you pulling up the Standard Income and Expense report or are you pulling up your previously customized report from My Saved Reports & Graphs?
    Previously customized reports that have been saved are saved under My Saved Reports & Graphs.  Opening the report from there should reflect all your previous customizations. 
    But if you pulled up the standard report under the Reports menu then you will get the default report where all the accounts and categories are selected.
    Alternative, If you go to the Reports & Graphs Center the Quicken Standard Reports (the default one) will be shown on the left side and the previously Customized reports will be shown under My Saved Reports on the right.
    If you pull up the previously customized report from My Saved Reports, it should have all the previous customizations.  Then after you further customize it you can save it again by overwriting the one that had previously been saved or by renaming it to something different....and it will be saved once again under My Saved Reports.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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    TY I am referring to a report In My Saved Reports. Have used it for several years. So,.... I open it. Add a new category by checking the box next to it. then click OK. Report now shows the change but also shows a bunch of unwelcome Income Categories (e.g., (DivIncome), (IntIncome), others. no unintended Expense Categories appear, only Income.
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    Are the unwelcome income Categories that are being added all the investment income categories that begin with _underscores, and do the problem Category names have (parentheses) around them, indicating that they are hidden?

    If so this may be the same problem that was discussed here

    The investment income Categories are hidden by default, and it appears that if you customize a report so that it does not include one or more hidden Categories then click the gear to customize it again, all the hidden Categories are automatically included in the report.

    It is not clear how long this has been happening, but it was just reported recently.

    I edited the title to clarify the issue.
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