Can't change 'Action' on downloaded Investment transactions

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I recently established direct connect for a couple investment accounts to see how well it works. In one of these accounts, it labeled the monthly management fee as 'MiscExp'... the 'Action' I had been using manually prior to direct connecting. In another account, it labels the management fee as a 'Withdraw'. I edited that transaction and set the 'Enter transaction' to 'Miscellaneous Expense', entered the appropriate Category and entered it. The register still shows the transaction as 'Withdraw'. However, it does show my entered category. Why did it NOT change to what I had selected for the transaction type of 'MiscExp'?


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    How odd.  In a test file I made a manual entry using "Withdraw" and a Category of "Misc."  I then edited that transaction, changed the action to Miscellaneous Expense and the Category to "Fees & Charges" and clicked on the Enter button.  Just like you I saw that the Category was changed but the Action was not, remaining as a Withdrawal.   So I guess if we asked Quicken about this the answer might be "working as designed", one of those mealy-mouth expressions that really only means that's how the programming was written. 
    I don't anybody here can actually give you a direct answer to your direct question.
    I guess you delete the transaction and re-enter it to suit your preference or resign yourself to simply editing the downloaded Withdrawal.
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    I have noticed the same behavior. I delete the withdrawal and enter a MiscExp as I desire. Fortunately, not a too frequent situation. 
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    Frankly, from what I have seen I bet the code is a mess.  It seems like there are some fundamental "actions" and that other "actions" are "mapped into them".  You enter a certain action only to find that once it is in the register it is another action (usually a more "generic" action).

    P.S. When you add in the fact that the download "actions" of OFX are much more limited/different than exactly what is shown in Quicken, the "mapping" can get ever weirder.
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