Updated connection method for Discover account, 2 years of data was unreconciled and uncategorized

I updated the connection method for my Discover Card account. After the change took place, I looked at the register and 2 years of data was unreconciled, and the categories were removed. I tried serval ways of changing the connection method. All ended in the same result.
Changes with the connection method seems to be a very popular topic on the site.


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    Why did you feel you needed to update the connection method?  Since Sep 27 Discover discontinued support for Direct Connect (Changes Coming to Discover) and also discontinued support for Web Connect (Discover Card - No More QFX?) and now supports only Express Web Connect.  Since then there has been nothing new to update the connection method to.

    Is it that all transactions of the last 2 years are now unreconciled with no categories or is it that some are like that but others are not?

    If it is some but not all transactions are like that, are the ones that are not reconciled and with no categories perhaps duplicates of other transactions that are reconciled and have categories?  It is not uncommon when changing connection methods for this to occur during the connection method set up process.  When it does occur, the duplicates need to be manually deleted.  Let me know and if they are duplicates then there is a way to do a mass delete so you do not need to do that process one-by-one.

    If it is all transactions of the last 2 years:  Please explain the process you used to update the connection method.

    After seeing your responses we can then explore some options to try to resolve the issue for you.

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    I was required by Quicken to change the method. I am way behind on my updates. I haven't downloaded data since August. The data that I recently downloaded replaced all of my data for the last 2 years. None of the items are reconciled. There are several duplicates but that's it. Most are single entries. If there is a category entered it's an auto fill one. It looks like the downloaded data replaced all the entries for 2 years.
    I went through the process the Quicken software directed me too. I don't recall all the sets. I logged into my Discover account. I selected link to existing account. I also did the deactivate and active process. Both methods gave the same results. I tried downloading to a new account. Two years of data was downloaded into that also.
    I have backup files, so I haven't lost anything yet.
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    I have a similar issue. My last update was Sept 4, 2022. At update today received a message about changes to Discover update and followed instructions. Update downloaded two years of transactions and removed all historical transactions. Account now starts with an opening balance of 12/24/2020, not the correct start which was many years before. How do I get all my prior data back and only update transactions from 9/5/2022 forward?
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