Getting security to match Schwab download?

Joseph Witkin
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My broker switched the class of shares of one of my mutual funds in my portfolio (GIOPX to GIOIX) - same security (different CUSIP) but institutional fund class. Schwab website shows that that my holdings are GIOIX, and "holdings" in my Quicken account also show that I hold GIOIX, which is correct, but every time I download an update, I get the message that "number of shares do not match" - it claims that Schwab is reporting that all the shares as GIOPX.

I may have been presented with the "Is this security GIOIX the same as GIOPX" dialogue the first time the change was encountered, and I may have given the wrong answer... I assume a security with a different CUSIP is a different security.

Assuming the error is within my Quicken - the way it is treating the info downloaded from Schwab - how can I fix/reset this?

I guess it is possible that Schwab is really reporting the wrong security in one step update despite showing the correct one on its website - but this seems unlikely?

Thanks, JW


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  • Tom Young
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    Appears to be a know issue.  Several of my Schwab accounts are doing the same. 
  • VA_in_VA
    VA_in_VA Member
    Same for me right now, but it's on my Vanguard account. Download says I own the Total Stock Index mutual fund but I really own the ETF. Very annoying. I have also had this issue in the past on my Schwab account a while back, but it's unclear why it "fixed itself"
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