How do I get the message boxes off my screen since I don't want to continue subscription because I d

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I don't want access to download from anyone so I want to get back to a screen with only my accounts and NOT all the sales boxes it contains now!

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  • UKR
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    Sorry, the messages to Renew Quicken do not go away for as long as you continue to run Quicken on an expired subscription.
  • tigeral
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    At the time it expired I received a message that I either needed to remove and download the version and updates just prior to my expiration. I am looking for more details on this.
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    @tigeral, What's the EXACT wording of that message.  Because I'm not recognizing/understanding what message you received.

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    And let me be clear about this.  You aren't going to get rid of the "ads" to renew.  The article is about installing and getting on the right version so that you can log in to your Quicken Id and not be blocked from seeing your data.  It doesn't do anything to remove the "ads".
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